What's New in Pdplayer 1.0.2
The new free upgrade adds support for stereoscopic playback, EXR and VRIMG image layers, versioned footage

» Stereoscopic Support

Pdplayer now has built-in support for anaglyph and interlaced stereoscopic playback. Stereoscopic sequences - both sibling left/right images and stereoscopic EXR (SXR) images - can now be detected when a layer is added, with a stereo composition being built automatically. One can also use the Add Other Stereo View command to quickly add a matching layer, or construct a stereo composition manually, by using the Target View selector or the new Source tab of the property panel.

» Support for Image Layers and Channels

Pdplayer can now display the layers of EXR, SXR and VRIMG images. In addition, the individual channels (red, green, blue, alpha, luma, and depth) can now be selected on a per-layer basis. These capabilities are available via the new Source tab of the property panel, which hosts the new Image Layer and Channels selectors.

This support for image layers allows users of 3D software and render packages to output the render elements into a single EXR (or VRIMG) file, while still being able to composite the final render in Pdplayer and use its color correction tools to quickly tweak and review the result. The new Expand into Layers command can be used to quickly split an EXR image.

» Support for Versioned Footage

Pdplayer now recognizes footage that adheres to certain naming conventions as versioned footage and allows one to quickly switch between versions via the Version selector on the new Source tab.

» Layer Fade In/Out

Pdplayer 1.0.2 supports animating a layer's opacity between zero and a set value for a specified frame duration, both for in and for out points. This allows one to construct compositions which fade from one image to another, or in which a light gradually fades on or off.

» Various Minor Improvements

  • • The new Open Unsaved menu lists compositions which were not saved when Pdplayer was closed or a new composition was created;
  • • The updated license server now features a status page that can be viewed over HTTP in a browser that lists now many licenses are engaged and available, and which workstations have acquired a lcense;
  • • The quality of the JPEG compression on export can now be controlled from the Save As dialog;
  • • Export to TGA now allows one to select a RLE compression.

» More Information

The release notes contain the complete list of changes in Pdplayer 1.0.2.

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The three sample compositions that demonstrate layers and channels on the above screenshots are available for download.

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